Wednesday, February 8

"Whirl, whirl, whirl! Holy! Days are flying and I've not written! I've not recorded the worthy happenings!"

This is exactly what I wrote in my journal tonight when I found myself alone in my apartment with my thoughts and something rare these days at 11 p.m... energy. My last journal entry is from January 24... horrible... although many other journals are being written on at once --good luck to anyone ever trying to piece my life together-- that is no real excuse.

So, Happy 2012 to those of you who bump into this blog, it is late but honestly I've been a slow one to catch up to the new numbers.  December, where did you go?

I didn't write about finally getting to spend New Year's Eve the Venezuelan way with my niece, nephew, sister and husband in Canada... It was the loveliest of times. Without any previous knowledge, we decided to cook the original Venezuelan meal, which is elaborate as it gets, and turned fingerlickin' good (according to all meat eaters). I continued to be weak for my niece, no news there, and I'm so glad to not be responsible for her discipline.


All is a blur, there's been death and a lingering feeling of uncertainty rearing its head more than usual.  There's been the days to be thankful for and beauty flying so fast I might have miss it if I stopped to write. I've been choosing to record life taking photos and use them as a map to remind me of the feeling. Open water, open heart...

In Miami for work, this artist made me fall in love with his work and grounded me a little. Maybe one day one of his wires can move in with me. I think life finds a way to put you back in place, even when blooming late, it is always the right time.