Friday, November 18

What November was made for...

Just like in October, another unforgettable show helped ring in this month. SBTRKT, was a sweaty and messy dance frenzy, the kind that lifts the soul by shaking away anything stale that was sitting in the corners.

 I used to sneer at pictures of shoes or feet. I don't particularly find feet gracious or beautiful but for some reason this fall I've been obsessed with snapping the ground covered in leaves... and that one day I walked around in heeled oxfords all over the city for an entire day, which is a feat in my book. 

Work took me to Las Vegas, and I got to share duties with one of my favorite editors who lives away. Our sleep deprivation from endless days and nights drove us to silly-picture-time.
It is moments like this when I feel my life is totally ridiculous and over the top... and I thank the heavens for it. When I went to shoot this show my dad kept popping in my brain, it felt wrong to be there without him, to experience it without the person who I hold responsible for making me love music, and not any music... the great stuff. However, despite the time difference between Vegas and Venezuela, I messaged him a trillion times clips of Santana's solos and a few pictures from my phone. He was so happy.

Going to bed in Las Vegas looked like this everyday. It was all work and no play, but the sunrise from a 61st floor was enough of a gift. On 11.11.11 I stared out of the window --in the fluffiest of bathrobes!-- prayed for clarity, and gave thanks before collapsing for a quick pre-flight nap.

Madison Square Garden is not my favorite venue but it looks so lovely when is full of music lovers, this time Foo Fighters was to blame for the overjoyed hands.
Making my co-worker squeal with cheap gifts during her birthday was a highlight. I love giving people things for the selfish reason of seeing this expression.

My college buddy Adelina took a long bus ride to spend the weekend with us. We ate, ate, ate and walked, walked walked, but mostly, laughed at things you can only laugh about with people you have history with.

Joel joined us in the city parade and we took Adelina to see Rockefeller Center. I love that everyone is always cold but this man can manage to walk around in a hoodie like it ain't no thing.

Old friends that get along with new(ish) friends is the best thing in the world to me. I snapped Yayi and Adelina at Lincoln Center, right before our visitor decided to pose like a tigress on the fountain... that's a private collection.

Bergdorf Goodman's detailed work was another pit stop on her tour du NYC. Mannequins freak me out but this picture is one of my favorites right now.

It was difficult capturing Central Park at night during our walk but the 'whiskery' feel of this tree does the trick for me. That night we saw a couple get engaged... He kneeled, she said yes in the dark... it was nice and private until we cheered from a distance for them, taking away the class but adding a good anecdote --we hope.

 During a visit to one of the markets in Brooklyn we all fell in love with skull bracelets and Adelina gifted us each a piece, mine is made of wood but I went back and bought a silver one, too. The beaded beauty happened to be from the '70s and it had me at "12 bucks."

Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania is always a good time. My nephews are all getting older and pile up on 'Uncle Bad Joel' often and too quickly for a good picture to be snatched. This one is my miracle shot of the month. I love that they all look a tad wacky-eyed.

One Thanksgiving-bummer was having a sick kitty. Injured Bella had to travel with us so we could give her antibiotics for an infection on a 'vamp stamp' she got in a fight. Despite it all, she was a total champ about being in a car for 6 hours and adjusted to her temporary home immediately.

Breakfast at my favorite omelet joint in the entire world. My father-in-law doesn't like this place so much but every time we go visit he suggests it... because of us.

Twinkle, twinkle city lights! The skyline has looked different every day this week.
Hello December!